NEWS:ASIA DAIHYO マッチフラッグワークショップ15 Tokyo(3月26日)

NEWS:ASIA DAIHYO マッチフラッグワークショップ14 Combodia(3月19日)

ASIA DAIHYO MATCH FLAG WORKSHOP 13 in Dazaifutenmangu(Mar.21)

REPORT : MATCH FLAG WORKSHOP 09 in Ibaraki Mitsukaido Community center(Jan.16)

Date : Jan.16,2016
Location : Mitsukaido Community center(Ibaraki)

The first workshop of ASIA DAIHYO this year was held in Joso city in Ibaraki.

This time,ASIA DAIHYO and JAPAN FOUNDATION ASIA CENTER cooperated with ARCUS project “HIBINO HOSPITAL vol.67 “.
We had 60 people who attended the workshop for all 3 hours so that we divided 10 teams and stared designing the flag by themselves.
The artist producer; Hibino, started explaining the workshop. We will make the Match Flags ” Japan VS Thailand” and “Japan and Saudi Arabia” for Rio Olympic games.



Some of the teams were organized with friends or families but a couple of teams were set up with people who met at the workshop for the first time.
There were 15 Japanese-brasilian attendees.

After designing the flags they moved into drawing those design and put colors into flag clothes.




They had to make one match flag as a team, so they need to communicate in the teams.
They seemed like enjoying this style, so it made all staff happy as well.




It was the first experience to organize Asia Daihyo Match Flag Workshop with other project staff, but it went very smooth with their cooperation.

Thank you for all attendees and ARCUS Project staff.

(Yukiko Akazawa)

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