NEWS:ASIA DAIHYO マッチフラッグワークショップ15 Tokyo(3月26日)

NEWS:ASIA DAIHYO マッチフラッグワークショップ14 Combodia(3月19日)

ASIA DAIHYO MATCH FLAG WORKSHOP 13 in Dazaifutenmangu(Mar.21)


What is Asia Daihyo Nihon (Japan representing Asia) project?

For the FIFA World Cup, Japan compete with the countries ofAsia to represent the region.

And we want to support the team from here, Dasaifu Fukuoka, Kyushu. During the FIFA World cup tournament in 2006,

we started Asia Daihyo Nihon (Japan representing Asia) project,

taking foot ball as culture and planning a new program whit depicts sport and art from a new perspective.

The project has spanned three FIFA World Cup to 2006 (World Cup Germany) ,

2010 (World Cup South Africa) and 2014( World Cup Brazil).

We organized art workshop with participate of citizen during each World Cup year,

and have supported Japan team though those art work(flags).